ELEGANT Rooms and suites
in the Heart of Baroque Noto

Rooms and suites
in the Heart of
Baroque Noto

luxury rooms and suites in noto

luxury Rooms and suites

Luxury Rooms and suites in the most original Sicilian style, with its attention to detail, quality materials and the harmony of shapes and colors: this is the inspiration according to 'En passant par la demeure' by Jean-Loop Daraux, who gave birth to 10 romantic rooms and suites. In the tradition of the great Sicilian residences, a concept of luxury hospitality in the heart of the Baroque capital. Its elegant rooms and suites guarantee the most authentic experience in the splendour of a princely palace. The upper floors of the Palazzo welcome their guests in an oasis of privacy and timeless elegance, just a few steps from the most important streets of Noto.

150 sqm
Aristocracy comes to life in
an environment of uncompromising luxury
overlooking the
rooftops of Noto
75 sqm

Is the realm of
luxury and privacy

with large living room
and double shower
70 sqm
Refined, harmonious,
classic and original
overlooking the
rooftops of Noto
33/35 sqm
luminous sensation
of contemporaneity

high ceilings and balconies with view of the city

28 + 10 sqm
being seduced by
the charm of Noto

room with romantic
private terrace

28 mq
the simple elegance
of the classic style

with small private studio and two bathrooms

24 sqm
immersed in an atmosphere
of times gone by

precious objects and refined fabrics